• Energy-efficientsmelting processes

    Schneider NE-Metallurgie

    smelting processes

In our smelting plant, copper cast alloys and copper master alloys are manufactured in various electric induction crucible furnaces. Our furnaces feature the latest technology so that a very homogeneous alloy micro-structure is achieved and efficient smelting is ensured with respect to metal yield and energy consumption.        
In addition to primary raw materials, the input materials include pre-sorted secondary raw materials originating from metal recycling or production waste from the non-ferrous semi-finished goods industry, which is reintroduced back into the material life cycle through this pathway. This is how we produce valuable alloys from copper and brass scrap.   

We are entitled to bear the quality seal of the copper pipe quality assurance association for copper brazing alloys manufactured according to DIN EN 17672:2010.