• Metal recycling and pure metals

    Input materials

    Metal recycling
    and pure metals

We take on the production waste (scrap, dross, chips) of our customers, process the metallic materials and convert them back into usable, high-quality alloys for customers. Optimal raw material supply of our production with respect to quality and quantity is the prerequisite for on-time delivery to our customers with the ordered alloy specification.   
Copper as a material 
Copper, one of the world's oldest metals, is a precious resource thanks to its superb electrical conductivity, its heat conductivity, its high corrosion resistance, its ease of use in alloys, along with its malleability. Copper can be recycled any number of times without sacrifices in quality, which means that its reprocessing and reuse saves lots of energy.

The demand for copper is also expected to increase in the future, due to increasing networking and the accompanying rising needs for additional expansion of infrastructure, due to the growth in electro-mobility and autonomous driving, as well as the increasing number of wind power plants. In addition, the anti-bacterial effect of copper lends itself to the development of new alloys and surfaces, in order to help prevent multi-resistant germs. 

Copper is an innovative material, which provides for dynamics, enabling the development of state-of-the-art technologies.

Metal recycling    

Harnessing abundant opportunities  

Indem die zurückgewonnenen Metalle dem Produktions-kreislauf zur Weiterverarbeitung wieder zur Verfügung gestellt werden, unterstützen wir unsere Kunden dabei, eine maximale Ausbeute des eingesetzten Metalls zu realisieren.     
Copper and its alloys can be recycled any number of times – without any sacrifices in quality. In this manner, we are joining our customers in making a substantive contribution towards the conservation of resources.      

Use of processed    

secondary raw materials   

We process secondary raw materials from the metals trade in the form of pre-sorted, usable metal scrap or production residues. We buy from production waste and via the metals trade:   


    copper granulate from
    cable recycling (granulate I, granulate II) copper candy pipe scrap
    sheet copper scrap  
    copper bus bars
    copper chips  

    brass fittings scrap
    brass construction scrap
    brass hair wire
    brass chips   
    brass stamping waste
    brass pipe waste
    brass dross
    brass waste from reprocessing 

Supplementary use of     

primary raw materials  

copper high-grade cathodes  

fine zinc   

raw silicon 

pure tin  

We are entitled to bear the quality seal of the copper pipe quality assurance association for copper brazing alloys manufactured according to DIN EN 17672:2010.