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The production of high-quality non-ferrous alloys made of copper, tin, zinc and other components makes up the core competency of Schneider-NE-Metallurgie. In the production of copper cast alloys and copper master alloys, our focus is on the recovery and reprocessing of metal residues from production processes and their reintroduction into the production life cycle – without any compromises in quality.

Our customers include the non-ferrous semi-finished and fittings industry, general mechanical engineering as well as copper brazing alloys and contact materials manufacturers. Our focus is on a consistent customer-driven approach. With the quality of our products, we create the prerequisite for the success and satisfaction of our customers.   

Product Spectrum  

CopperMaster Alloys  

Copper phosphorus master alloys

Copper phosphorus enhances the fluidity and increases the hardness of the cast products. Copper phosphorus is mainly used as a de-oxidizing agent for melts containing copper. The de-oxidizing effect enables dense casting without disturbing oxygen porosity or embrittlement. 

Phosphorus alloys are also used for copper brazing solders, welding (solder) sticks in various shapes with a phosphorus content of approx. 7%.

Copper phosphorus is produced in the form of waffle plates or tablets according to DIN 17657, EN 1981:2003, ASTM or according to individual customer preferences.   

We Produce  

Copper phosphorus waffle plates 

The copper phosphorus waffle plates are produced in two different thicknesses. The thicker plates are approx. 410 mm long, 230 mm wide, and approx. 22 mm thick. The plates consist of 60 squares with a total weight of roughly 13-14 kg. The thinner waffle plates have the dimensions of 57 x 21 x 15-20 mm.  

Copper phosphorus tablets 

Copper phosphorus tablets have the shape of small cubes with dimensions of approx. 30 x 30 x 20 mm and a constant unit weight of approx. 75-80 g. Each 10% copper phosphorus tablet contains roughly 6 g of phosphorus and is characterized by outstanding handling in the smelting process. The use of copper phosphorus tablets enables uniform dosage especially for small and medium furnaces or lots.

Copper phosphorus round billets   

On our continuous cast system, we produce copper phosphorus round billets for the brazing alloy and contact material industry. The standard diameters of the cylindrical billets are 60 mm, 83 mm or 110 mm, individual diameters are available upon request. The billets are cut to lengths from approx. 100 mm to approx. 1,200 mm. Special dimensions are also possible upon request. 

Manufacturing occurs according to DIN 8513 / DIN EN 1044:1999-07 / DIN EN ISO 17672:2010, according to international standards or according to individual customer specification.  

Copper phosphorus 8.4%  

Copper phosphorus 8.4% is produced in the form of waffle plates, tablets or rods (brazing alloys of up to 1 m in length) and primarily used as particle refiners in the aluminium industry. Copper phosphorus 8.4% is used to enhance flow and filling behaviour and is touted for its favourable mechanical properties, good machinability, high ductility, decorative appearance and improved corrosion resistance.  

Copper silicon  

Copper silicon is used in the copper semi-finished goods industry to boost the stiffness of copper products and its alloys, to improve the metal-forming capability and corrosion resistance through the use of silicon. Deploying a copper silicon master alloy ensures that the silicon is distributed homogeneously in the melt. Our copper master alloys containing silicon are produced with a silicon content of 10%, 15% or 20% according to DIN 17657, EN 1981:2003 or individual customer preferences in the form of notch plates.   

Tin phosphorus  

Tin phosphorus master alloys are produced in easy-break waffle plates with a specification of approx. 95% pure tin and approx. 5% phosphorus. Tin phosphorus is used in the production of high-grade, tin-based brazing alloys. Tin phosphorus is applied as a particle refiner, flux material and slag inhibitor, thus offering the capability of reducing or entirely preventing slag during brazing.   

Product Spectrum  


Polishable solid brass alloys   

We are capable of producing all standard copper cast alloys in block form according to the EN standard or individual customer requirements. We are specialized in brass fine-grain qualities, which in addition to the high fluidity, also demonstrate outstanding polishing properties. Polishable fine-grain brass in blocks are primarily sold to the bath and kitchen fixtures industry.    

Specialty brass 

Alloys that in addition to copper and zinc contain elements such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or silicon are described as specialty brass. Specialty brass improves the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness as well as corrosion resistance. 

Customers sourcing our special brass alloys produce parts subject to heavy wear and tear and which are required to have properties such as seawater resistance and high corrosion resistance. Such parts are used in plant and machinery engineering, in petrochemicals, as well as in automotive engineering. 

Silicon tombac alloys 

Alloys that in addition to copper and zinc contain up to 5% silicon are described as silicon tombac alloys or Tombasil. They offer superb casting and flow characteristics and are primarily used in precision foundries for the production of small and sophisticated engineering components. 

We are entitled to bear the quality seal of the copper pipe quality assurance association for copper brazing alloys manufactured according to DIN EN 17672:2010.